Pastor Dietsch and FamilyPastor Peter M. Dietsch

Pastor Dietsch was called as the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in October 2012. He was raised in a Christian home, the son of missionaries, and then in his teenage years, his father became a pastor of a church in New Jersey. Graduating from Rutgers University in NJ, Pastor Dietsch received a commission in the U.S. Army and served for several years as an infantry and then quartermaster officer until discerning a call to full time ministry.

While studying at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando, FL), he met his wife Stacie, also a graduate of RTS. Pastor Dietsch has served as a chaplain with the U.S. Army, and in the pastorate with churches in New Jersey and Georgia before coming to Midland, Texas. Pastor and Mrs. Dietsch have four children: Stephen, Timothy, Lydia, and Titus.




Together with the pastor, the elders of the congregation serve as the ruling body of the congregation known as the session. The elders are the shepherds and guardians of the local church, devoted to prayer and the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). Individually, the elders of the church teach the Scriptures, lead in worship, counsel, pray and care for those in the congregation. Corporately as the session, the elders provide leadership and oversight of the life of the church and administer church discipline.


From left to right: Paul Wheeler, Reed Gilmore, Peter Dietsch, Greg Berkhouse