What is “Battalion”

Battalion is ministry of Providence Presbyterian Church (PPC), and is a discipleship-centered program where Christian men build personal relationships with young men, ages 12-18, to mentor and nurture them toward Christian maturity.

While the program and curriculum is based upon and falls under the umbrella organization of the national organization called Christian Service Brigade, the local Battalion ministry at PPC (Unit #8024) is led by Christian men who are all leaders and/or members of Providence Presbyterian Church.


Who may participate?

All young men from the community ages 12-18 are invited to join and participate in Battalion, but the adult leadership is limited to those men who are members of PPC. A young man may begin participating in Battalion if he turns 12 years old during that same school year (for example, if his birthday is in March, he may begin Battalion in September of the previous year).


What does Battalion do?

Weekly Activities

During the school year (Labor Day to Memorial Day), Battalion meets weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of PPC. Weekly meetings include: adult-leader led Bible studies, squad peer-led meetings, practical hands-on activities (learning new skills), and games. From time to time, the venue may change, or we may take a week off now and again, but this is our regular meeting time.

Special Events

Occasionally, we will have special local outings, a gathering at one of the adult leader’s homes, or an overnight stay (or camping in the back yard) of one of our adult leader’s home. We also plan two overnight camping trips during the school year (one in the fall and one in the spring).



In the Battalion program, young men have the opportunity to progress through five ranks, under the supervision of an adult leader (rank advancement is typically done on an individual basis, outside of group meetings, under the supervision of an adult leader, and according to the effort that each member puts into it):

            Observer – introductory rank which includes learning the fundamentals of the gospel, as well as an introduction to the Battalion program.

            Explorer – examining the rudiments of your faith.

            Trailblazer – examining God’s Word and prayer.

            Guide – learning to serve others, build others up, and tell others about Christ.

            Herald of Christ – must be 16 years old (includes a 9-month internship program, doctrinal study, service and ministry projects, writing requirement, and Bible memory).



In addition to working on rank, participants in Battalion have the opportunity to earn patches in various areas of interest (e.g. rock climbing, personal fitness, sexual morality, illusion, service ventures and trail biking, backpacking, hunting, newsletters, occult/new-age awareness, track & field, astronomy, prayer and spiritual warfare, students reaching students, trip planning, winter survival, canoe building, computers, construction, scuba diving, small engines, etc.). These patches (or badges) which are worn on the Battalion uniform shirt are typically completed together as a unit during our weekly meetings.



The uniform for the Battalion program is a Battalion Uniform Shirt (dark green, button down, short sleeve shirt) and an optional Battalion Hat (a baseball-style cap). The unit designation, ranks, patches, and leadership pins are worn on this uniform (the PPC Battalion unit number is: 8024). You may view these items at the CSB Ministries online store.



The initial cost, due with the registration form, is $30.00 (shirt, hat, “Observer” booklet) – we will order these items for you since we receive a special discount through our church account. The continuing cost for participation in Battalion is $60 for the school year ($30 due in September and $30 due in January).


Contact Information

If you are interested in participating in the Battalion program at Providence Presbyterian Church, or have any questions, please contact the Battalion Captain: Pastor Peter Dietsch (432-520-5255). Or, you may submit an inquiry through the online contact form on the church website.


Helpful Resources for More Information

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