Dear Church Family,

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends as we remember and give thanks to God for all of His many blessings that we enjoy.

Midland Reformed Theological Conference (2018): Dr. T. David Gordon

As we enter into the Thanksgiving weekend, let me take this opportunity to remind you to mark your calendars for our fourth annual Midland Reformed Theological Conference (MRTC) coming up on February 23-24, 2018. Our speaker will be Dr. T. David Gordon, professor of religion and Greek at Grove City College, where since 1999 he has taught courses in religion, Greek, humanities, and media ecology. Dr. Gordon will be speaking on media technology and the Christian, how many of the technological advances (especially, digital media) shape and form us in ways that we don’t often recognize. You can learn more about the upcoming conference online here:

Online Interview with Dr. Gordon

In preparation and anticipation of the conference, I want to point you to an online interview with Dr. Gordon that was just published today on the weekly podcast of “The Mortification of Spin.” You may listen to the interview, “Is There Hope for Johnny?” online here (the interview is about 35 minutes long). Dr. Gordon speaks about ‘media ecology’ (a new term and field of discipline for most of us), preaching, and singing in worship. I encourage you to go online and listen to this audio recording to get a little taste of the conference in February.

The Lord be with you!
- Pastor Peter M. Dietsch