Dear Church Family,

I will be leaving on Tuesday morning to attend the 41st General Assembly of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The General Assembly is the annual meeting of the pastors and elders (presbyters) in our denomination. It is the meeting where we conduct the ecclesiastical business of our church. Below are a number of links where you may find out more of what goes on, as well as stream video of the business and worship services.

About the General Assembly:

Overtures presented to the 41st PCA General Assembly:


Live Streaming:

You may particularly be interested viewing the worship services each day according to the following schedule:
- Tuesday (6/18) worship service: 7:30 pm
- Wednesday (6/19) worship service: 4:30 pm
- Thursday (6/20) worship service: 7:30 pm

The Lord be with you!

- Pastor Peter M. Dietsch